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At first, we are an electronic game development company. With the desire to change the Brazilian gaming scene. Bannaker Braulio (CEO) had the idea of creating a daring project, he was always upbeat about it. At the end of 2019 he showed his most promising project (RIO - Raised in Obvlivion) at the Brasil Game Show, taking home the title of best indie game in Latin America. Our mission is to bring fun to people and, at the same time awaken senses and feelings, raising them to another level through our games, always with honesty, commitment and respect for players and employees.

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Raised In Oblivion or just RIO, is an online survival action game, set in the city of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. In a post-apocalyptic world, more specifically in the Vidigal region, the spread of an infectious disease makes people affected by it to unconsciously behave aggressively, to the point of attacking other people. In order to suppress the contagion, the local government built retaining walls: no one enters, no one leaves. Therefore, it will be necessary to survive the chaos until the cure is discovered. Within the walls, chaos reigns and players can kill the innocents to steal their items or for sadistic amusement. To fight them there is "The Order", players recruited by the government, specialized in hunting assassins to keep the thread of peace that still remains in the quarantine area. The player will face other survivors, including criminals and infected ones. The idea is to promote the connection between people through interaction.

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After a partnership with PORTAL WHALE CAPITAL, we are going to implement element X in our game (RIO - Raised in Oblivion) becoming the first FPS and survival game PLAY TO EARN. We are performing an integration with the Polygon network (MATIC), adding in-game rewards system, Staking, NFTs and a Metaverse. You can buy and sell items, NFTs, land and billboards in the safe-zone or on our website by connecting your wallet and using our RIO token, your RIO rewards can be exchanged for stable coins or saved through the farming system.

FirstPhoenix - Staff - Andreas Klettenhofer

Andreas Klettenhofer

IP (Investor Partner)
FirstPhoenix - Staff - Wander Rolse

Wander Rolse

CIO (Chief Information Officer)
FirstPhoenix - Staff - Bannaker Braulio

Bannaker Braulio

COO (Chief Operating Officer)
FirstPhoenix - Staff - Jhoniker Braulio

Jhoniker Braulio

CEO (Chief Executtive Officer)